Who We Are


A long time ago God approved the fateful meeting of one lonely egg and one super popular sperm. It’s been downhill since then. He outgrew his first home within 9 months. Moved out. Then sponged off his former landlords until the ripe old old age of 18. He abandoned his lifelong dream of becoming an engineer or architect to pursue graphic design shortly after. All those years as a youth drawing and redrawing band logos of the era implanted a deep seeded longing for type and branding. Over the course of the next few decades Paul worked for small and largish companies, sometimes working alone and sometimes overseeing many designers (it’s quite possible he even gave them some valuable insight).

Now he spends his day lusting after good typography, aspiring to achieve lust-worthy typography, and helping small brands grow and make their competition nervous.

Paul and his work has been recognized/published by Print Magazine, Logo Lounge, Addys, GDUSA, Computer Arts Magazine, Web Designer Magazine, and maybe some other stuff too. In 2012 he and a friend started Monsters of Type as an outlet for typography focused creatives to get together and talk shop, inspire, and motivate each other to grow in their craft.


Hello. I’m Katrina (Yup, just like the hurricane, and yes, I’m sick of that “joke,” so don’t even go there) and I’m a graphic designer, production designer, all the crafty-things dabbler, momma, wife (to that bearded beast over there <—, and infectious laughter (or so I’ve been told). In addition to all those things, I’m (slowly, and with less and less tears) learning to also be an accountant (read, the person trying to keep money coming in, instead of going out), client relations manager (read, the extrovert of the bunch), and project manager (read, nagger) of our little ol’ agency.

When Paul started Buzzbomb as a one man shop back in 2011, I was his biggest encourager, cheerleader, and back-patter (as any good wife should be). Surviving several plot twists over the last few years, Buzzbomb has (thankfully) become way more than one man can handle. An unexpected life curveball turned into a hole-in-one opportunity (I’m terrible at sports analogies) for me to join the fun as co-owner. Our personalities and skill sets are near perfect complements and we make a great team in life and business.

I’m continually amazed by the creative ideas that our clients trust us to bring to life and look forward to each new opportunity to help clients achieve their dreams.
Let’s Make something awesome together!
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